Friday, June 15, 2012

My newest Show obsession!!!

Lately I have fallen in lust with the Life Time show The Client List! It is seriously good, sometimes it can be cheesy but here are the pros and cons I have made:

-Hot guys
-Good acting
-tasteful sexual scenes
-intense plot

(FYI- Jennifer, does an excellent job in acting in this show, she honestly makes you cry, laugh and just want to possess her charm)

The show is about a mom named Riley Parks, played by Jennifer Love Hewitt, who is left by her husband Kyle Parks. She has two children and an amazing best friend and a loyal mother. The show becomes interesting when Riley decides to take up a job at a far away Massage Parlor called "The Rub" which offers some extras (each is different for each girl) for a certain "client list". Riley does this to make ends meet for her children as she see's it is her only way to make ends meet. The show get's interesting when Riley starts to see Kyle's brother Evan as a love interest and a council man seems to want to bring down the massage parlor for it's Extras. 

[This was not the best synopsis but seriously watch it! I love it!!!]

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