Friday, March 30, 2012

Worst day of 2011 so far-

Whose ready for some venting?

Well today was what I like to call a "Murphy's Law" kind of day- everything that could go wrong DID go wrong...Oh how lovely and awesome degrading and disheartening it felt. This is why my blog has it's name 
  1. I applied for a beauty consultant job for extra work in the summer (but really I wanted to get out of the negative environment that was the Steakhouse) I did not get the job---because i didn't seem to want to put their company first 'even though I took off work that night at the steak house, how nice----$60 bucks down the drain for them. So I did what any crazy, in debt up to my knees girl would do, I wrote her an email back explaining to her my frustrations, that didn't go over so cute, the beauty consultant called me dramatic (this is true most of the time) and unprofessional, I lost my shit for an hour.
  2. I got ready for my first "food running" shift at the steakhouse tonight I had to be there at 6:00pm, I got ready all cute, styled my hair, did my make up fancy and dressed in all black. I walked in come to find that the GM says "Hey you're hosting tonight!" I just about punched him in the face, I said what----why? He then went on cowardly and told me to go to the back office to talk to Heather the other manager about my plans for tonight, haha---how stupid do these people think I am, So I get in the back and Heather tells me awkwardly while looking down at a piece of computer paper that the manager who is leaving in 25 days wrote me up for being a AWFUL server----even though that night the table who claimed I was so terrible kept reassuring me they were okay and tipped me 20% and the table in front of them had heard this manager talking to that table and said in front of that manager that  I was the best server they have ever had, was that in the write up report NOPE~~~ hahah Oh boy corporate america you make me sick. I get that it's a business and I shouldn't take this personal but when you were treated with disrespect since day one in a place you worked at it was hard not to feel that way. 

All that being said, please pray for me to find a job ASAP, my debt is growing and so is my stress.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I am not feeling very positive today, but I promise I will try to be for y'all's sake.

I just estimated my debt it is about 2,600 dollars and that is credit debt not loans, which will be coming in 2013, I am very stressed out as I am working about 40 hours a week and taking 15 credit hours as well while trying to get this debt down. I am trying really hard not to buy anything either but I can say I am addicted to shopping. I am trying really hard to get this debt down though.

Words of encouragement & prayers would be GREATLY appreciated! I am blessed and I know this I just hate the burden of debt.

On a lighter note:
This is keeping me sane. 


Monday, March 26, 2012

My new favorite show or NETFLIX obsession!

Now now- this may not look like a show I would like, but let me tell you this show is so interesting, intense, funny and real! The show is about a chemistry teacher at a high school named Walter who finds one of his ex students selling meth and a meth bust he goes to with his brother-in-law who is in the DEA. The story changes in an interesting spin when Walter is diagnosed with stage 3a lung cancer and he does not know how much longer he has left to live so he wants to leave his son and wife who is soon expecting some money. Walter now has a partner his ex student who knows the meth business and his chemistry expertise which creates the team of the century in the "drug world". I am only on season 1 (actually just finished it) but it is so good. I do not condone doing crystal meth or selling it. This show is very realistic and exciting! I definitely recommend watching it. 

That's all for now- 

Have  a wonderful Monday! I am off to purchase a vacuum!!! WOOH!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Designer or Fakes?

Lately I have been on the look out for good fakes and good discount designer purses and jewelry.

So far I found:

A David Yurman and John Hardy Look-a-like @ Finders Keeper jewelry site.

David Yurman look-a-like $15 V. $850

Another David Yurman Look-a-like $18

John Hardy Look-a-like 



These purses range from $100-145

They look identical I have bought one and they cost about $50

Pinterest- how you know me sooo well!

Lately, I have thought more and more about this saying and how true it is. I have seen so many people who call themselves Christians who are so judgmental and so ready to tell people how to act and so on. I am a Christian and I truly believe we are not meant to judge nor do we have the power to judge. The way I see it is, if that's what you want to do with your life do it, it does not affect me nor should it affect anyone else. I know religion is a heavy topic but that's what my blog is for. A NO JUDGEMENT ZONE: haha. 

Have a blessed day,


Monday, March 19, 2012

MIA Samantha

Well lately a lot has been going on and I have not been able to blog. Top things going on right now:

1. Work
2. Studying for midterms and big exams as well as papers, projects etc.
3. Charley [when is he not going on ;)] haha
4. dinner parties/bridal showers

Charley recently got groomed at Pet Smart, it was pricy but he looks great and I can tell he feels better. He is shaved and trimmed a picture will be posted ASAP!

Have a blessed Monday!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Outfit Inspiration for St. Patty's day

To me, some St. Patrick's day outfits are hideous, tacky and cliche, here are some inspirtational outfits i found :)
via forever 21

via forever 21

via lulus 

not sure where but I have seen these tops everywhere!



Monday, March 12, 2012

A Late Post for Monday

Hey everyone,
I have lately been on a roller coaster with life. I am blaming getting off of birth control and anxiety medication but who knows. OH, and NO Sam and I are NOT trying to have children! Haha! I have been so in love with the sayings I have found on Pinterest so I am going share some:

Well I hope this inspired you as it did me. 

Have a blessed day.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mint Green Inspirations

Recently I have been lusting at Lulu's where you can find all of these cute MINT trends via Fashion Lulu's
this bib necklace gorgeous

mint skirt 

not mint but would be a cute shoe for a mint color

another good option

bow blouse i love the strawberry color sheme

flowy and fun

cute mint cross body bag!

What do y'all think yay or nay????



So- Sam is coming back tonight I am so happy! Time for some romance!!!! :D
Us at Christmas cocktail 2010 :D
[my prince]

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why love is important

Here comes my gushy rant- bare with me.

Lately, I have been needing more affection from my boy friend maybe not needing it but definitely desiring it. I miss the beginning of a relationship how those phone calls gave me butterflies. I miss how those kisses gave me chills. The funny thing is none of that it lost in our relationship I just miss how intense it was. I am really bummed out this Spring Break has been lonely Sam is home in Virginia Beach with his family and I am in Greenville with the puppy. I miss him so much. I want to cry I know it's silly but I miss him.

Here is our love song enjoy.

Spring Break [Relaxing and low key]

My Spring Break consisted so far of visiting family being around good friends and just plain having a good time. Here are some pictures below enjoy! XO

My best friend and my brother [they are dating] hehe :D

My best friends mommy and my brother 

I had to hunch over for her 5 foot self hahah!

the couple...momma and DK (Daddy Keith)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Charley is Getting fixed!

*The baby is getting fixed tomorrow* Keep him in your prayers! I'll have updates tomorrow! XOXO