Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I am not feeling very positive today, but I promise I will try to be for y'all's sake.

I just estimated my debt it is about 2,600 dollars and that is credit debt not loans, which will be coming in 2013, I am very stressed out as I am working about 40 hours a week and taking 15 credit hours as well while trying to get this debt down. I am trying really hard not to buy anything either but I can say I am addicted to shopping. I am trying really hard to get this debt down though.

Words of encouragement & prayers would be GREATLY appreciated! I am blessed and I know this I just hate the burden of debt.

On a lighter note:
This is keeping me sane. 



  1. Your student loan payments start in 2013? They should start about 6 months after you graduate. You can always defer them but they accrue interest. When you start paying back, if you can't afford the minimum they want, call them and they can work out a plan with you. You can explain the circumstances and they can work out a plan with you and when you have more money, you can put it towards that. I just started paying my loans off and I will be done by 2042 by just paying the minimum, lol. But that's okay because it's all I really can afford to pay now.

  2. AWWWW Samanthaaaa!!!!!!!! I completely understand your $$$ stress. I'm going to have to start paying back student loans in November & I am not excited. I need to find a big girl job in soon so that I can pay rent all summer. I'm gonna be out of $ soon and that is not ok with me! I just reeeaally don't want to open up a credit card & I've gotta find something - even if its just a restaurant job in g-ville while I keep applying for jobs in Charlotte & Atlanta. We HAVE to do something this weekend!!!!! I LOVE YOU LOTS!!!!!!!