Monday, March 26, 2012

My new favorite show or NETFLIX obsession!

Now now- this may not look like a show I would like, but let me tell you this show is so interesting, intense, funny and real! The show is about a chemistry teacher at a high school named Walter who finds one of his ex students selling meth and a meth bust he goes to with his brother-in-law who is in the DEA. The story changes in an interesting spin when Walter is diagnosed with stage 3a lung cancer and he does not know how much longer he has left to live so he wants to leave his son and wife who is soon expecting some money. Walter now has a partner his ex student who knows the meth business and his chemistry expertise which creates the team of the century in the "drug world". I am only on season 1 (actually just finished it) but it is so good. I do not condone doing crystal meth or selling it. This show is very realistic and exciting! I definitely recommend watching it. 

That's all for now- 

Have  a wonderful Monday! I am off to purchase a vacuum!!! WOOH!

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  1. i really liked the breaking bad dad introduced it to me, and i wasn't disappointed! and i LOVE netflix!