Friday, March 30, 2012

Worst day of 2011 so far-

Whose ready for some venting?

Well today was what I like to call a "Murphy's Law" kind of day- everything that could go wrong DID go wrong...Oh how lovely and awesome degrading and disheartening it felt. This is why my blog has it's name 
  1. I applied for a beauty consultant job for extra work in the summer (but really I wanted to get out of the negative environment that was the Steakhouse) I did not get the job---because i didn't seem to want to put their company first 'even though I took off work that night at the steak house, how nice----$60 bucks down the drain for them. So I did what any crazy, in debt up to my knees girl would do, I wrote her an email back explaining to her my frustrations, that didn't go over so cute, the beauty consultant called me dramatic (this is true most of the time) and unprofessional, I lost my shit for an hour.
  2. I got ready for my first "food running" shift at the steakhouse tonight I had to be there at 6:00pm, I got ready all cute, styled my hair, did my make up fancy and dressed in all black. I walked in come to find that the GM says "Hey you're hosting tonight!" I just about punched him in the face, I said what----why? He then went on cowardly and told me to go to the back office to talk to Heather the other manager about my plans for tonight, haha---how stupid do these people think I am, So I get in the back and Heather tells me awkwardly while looking down at a piece of computer paper that the manager who is leaving in 25 days wrote me up for being a AWFUL server----even though that night the table who claimed I was so terrible kept reassuring me they were okay and tipped me 20% and the table in front of them had heard this manager talking to that table and said in front of that manager that  I was the best server they have ever had, was that in the write up report NOPE~~~ hahah Oh boy corporate america you make me sick. I get that it's a business and I shouldn't take this personal but when you were treated with disrespect since day one in a place you worked at it was hard not to feel that way. 

All that being said, please pray for me to find a job ASAP, my debt is growing and so is my stress.



  1. My heart just breaks for you. No one should have to go to a job like that and be treated like such. I work in a restaurant (as a host) and a lot of the times, they get complaints about the servers etc but no one is ever written up for being a horrible server...they'd get written up if they got into a fight or something. You definitely should like you need to get out of there. I would've punched both of them in the FACE.

    Have you thought of looking for an office job? I'm not sure where your hometown is but you could try searching on craigslist for it. I know it sounds sketchy but when I was SO READY to leave my last restaurant job where I was yelled at every single day, I began scouring for it. Also, try to search for something. Maybe office/clerical work would be a nice break from the food industry.

    i however firmly believe EVERY HUMAN should work in the food industry as a host, busser, server, etc at one point in their lives before they are mean to someone. **hugs** hope it gets better!

  2. Oh Samantha! I'm so sorry to hear about your bad day. Hoping you find a job very soon. It sucks to be in debt and worried about money. Hang in there girl.