Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Linking up today for TOP 5 tuesday!

Today I am linking up with Rachel @ Just Peachy Blog


1.Hats! Always wear hats in the summer sun to prevent wrinkles and brassy toned hair!
I love my ECU baseball hats for the pool 

This little beach get up is adorable!

2. Lip balms! To keep those lips moisturized and sun burn free!
Beauty tip: tanned lips may look good by they reduce collagen in your lips causing them to look thin.

These lip balms are perfect!!! Called Color Riche by L'Oreal  I love the nudesy ones!

This little lip balm is tinted and so moisturizing...as you can see I only posted tinted ones because I really love a color lip even a tint on a pretty pout!

3. Sun Screen & Tanning oil
This is the best body sun screen ever it is water resistant and anti-aging and smells like heaven!

This is a brand called Alba and it is amazing for facial sun screen, non oily and smells nice! It's meant for sensitive skin! Its a spf 10 because I usually wear a hat so I don't need much!

I only use a dry oil like this one and Banana Boat is my go to body oil company! 15 spf is the best because I am not trying to fry!

4. bikinis: ONLY from Victoria's Secret
I have been working out a lot so I have lost some weight in the boobage area unfortunately but I rather fit into my jeans than a bigger bra! haha! I love these Victoria's Secret push up halter tops they give a nice lift and come in such fun colors!

I own this one as well (different color) but its just so flirty and fun!


I am only posting this drink because I am dedicating it to my summer or deeming it my "SUMMER COCKTAIL" I love this and its so easy to make:
BEHOLD: The Cherry Gin and Tonic 

What are your top 5 SUMMER things! :D

Have a Fabulous day!!!!

- Samantha

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  1. Those are all really great choices. I'm a hat girl myself in the summer. Thanks for checking out my blog and I love your's also. Following you now!