Monday, April 30, 2012

A Blogger I am Really Inspired by:

Usually I will try to be creative or I just give up and give you a boring post..But today I was looking through my favorite blogs and just got inspired and God laid on my heart to blog about a particular blogger today!

Meet Jessah @ Dreaming Of Dimples

She is gorgeous!

 She is a blogger who blogs about Infertility and her daily life  and it's super inspiring and a woman empowering blog! I love her blog and she is just such a ambitious and determined woman especially when it comes to Infertility.

I learned from her blog today that last week is NIAW- or National Infertility Awareness Week
I know I am late but I still think her blog should be checked out and women everywhere should be interested in this topic whether you are fertile or infertile we as women need to keep each other informed and be there for each other!

Find her link to this post HERE

So go check out her blog and see how inspiring she is and how
 empowering her and her husband's battle with infertility is! 

Thank you Jessah for inspiring me! XOXO


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