Tuesday, April 17, 2012

1950s Make-up: How to make it Modern

Happy Wednesday!
I hope you are all having an awesome day and are thinking happy thoughts. I am posting this on Tuesday because I will not have time to post tomorrow! ;( BUT with out further adieu--- Here is my 1950s Icons and Movies from today of the look I just lust over. I love the simplicity of the dark lips soft eyes or thick eyeliner light smokiness..it is all just so captivating and American to me.
{Notice the dark liner---light shadow---ENHANCED brows *which is popular today* and deep red lips so seductive and classy}
of course, Miss Monroe

Not sure I found this on pinterest
{again the enhanced red lip and glowy light complexion}

Jayne Mansfield
{With her crimson lip and dark eye lining so appealing}

Rachel Mcadams in The Notebook
Soft eyes RED lip

and again so pretty...
Makes the teeth look SUPA white *I LOVE HER DIMPLE* 

another steamy one of Jayne

Products you could use today to have a similar 50's-esq. look!
MAC red lipstick in CHILI 

MAC eye shadow in VANILLA 

24/7 liq. eye liner by URBAN DECAY 

NARS blush in ORGASM!

This will fors ure get you the classy look!


-Samantha xxoxoxoxx


  1. Thanks for stopping by The Phillip Fam last week! Love your blog, too! Have a wonderful week!

  2. cant wait to see the tutorial!! i would love to try a big red lip sometime and of course nars orgasm is part of my daily make-up routine