Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beauty Brains & Guts

We all have wanted a style or a hair style or a make up trend to work for us---buttttt, we have sometimes been a little nervous to try it! Well I want to share my new outlook on beauty! 

*It's a llllll FIXABLE! Go ahead and try it out! I have been recently highlighting my hair every 5-7 weeks  to become a golden blonde or honey blonde my end result would be like this...
I am so excited to see if blondes TRULY do have MORE fun? haha!!! 

I would never have done something like this a year ago because I would listen to everyone telling me I couldn't pull it off but braveness has gotten me a lot of compliments and new styles of make up to try!!!!

SO: go ahead and attempt your dream style whether it be fashion, make up or hair!


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