Saturday, December 17, 2011

About my Boyfriend and I:

My boyfriend is an all American boy and very shy! I never thought he was shy but everyone swears he is I just starting seeing it this year because we moved in together. We have been dating a little over 2 years.

How We Met:
 My freshman year of college at VCU  my 2 friends wanted me to go to ECU for Halloween. I thought I was so hung over from the prior night that I couldn't make it out. They begged me to go so I decided why not. One thing I remember from the car ride to ECU is saying "okay if I'm going- I'm meeting my husband" we all just laughed and couldn't wait to arrive to the notorious ECU h-ween parties. Low and behold I met Sam on the corner of a fraternity house and we hit it off immediately and went walking together. (There's more details but I feel so  cheesy spilling them out and he'd probably kill me! ha ha!)
This was our first picture together V ( I was so giddy that night and so excited to be there with him)

How it is going now:
Right now we just got use to living together and are learning more and more about each other. It's crazy living with your boyfriend but also amazing I never have to worry about him borrowing my stuff without asking or being dramatic...although, I do miss my girl talk (so I visit my friends a lot at their apartments!). But as of now I am happy with him and trying to be patient with the little bumps in the road.

Current picture of us!
This was Halloween 2011 :) haha! I was pooh bear and he was a hipster...haha

(You will hear more about him/us in the future of my blog)

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  1. I am a journalism major, that's awesome that you are too! You and your boy are adorable! I'd love to hear more about your relationship!