Monday, February 13, 2012

21st Birthday Weekend!

I have been MIA all weekend and Sunday due to my 21st and my new job! ahhh! So much exciting stuff. I am going to make this post more pictures than words. But- Caution : It was my 21st and I got crazy you can judge me but trust me it won't matter! haha! I danced on the bars, took body shots off my friends, danced to Britney Spears, and on POLES...YEP! Sober - this all would never happen and hey you only live young wild and free once so I did it right!

this one cracks me up! LOOK AT THE FLOOR!!! EWWWW

stained my dress! 

me and my PIC

 my lovely sign Lizzie made me

the dreaded body shots off of my good friend Joe

livin' it up

pic time!


getting serenaded to wagon wheel LOVE THOSE BOYS!


didn't like that shot...haha

he loves this pic hahah

my big baby boy!

erica and I I love her

someone who shared the night!

my pretty corwn my momma got me!

How crazy was your 21st?

[Note: I am so blessed an thankful for all of my friends and family that celebrated with me- it truly showed me how much love I have at ECU and how much I truly adore my school. I love you all and please don't get offended by the pics!My mom was present and got sick and ended our night at 12 am in a CAB! haha! AMEN!]


  1. LMAO this was by far the BEST party EVERRRRRR!!!!!! Howwww did I not make it in ANY pictures!!??!?!? HAHAHHA I think I must have had wayyy wayyy too much fun!

  2. You looked beautiful on your birthday! I am glad you had such a crazy time, just how a 21st birthday should be ;)