Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pains of a Server

Now that I serve--

I have learned that people can be cruel, selfish, disgusting, greedy, cheap. I know I should know this by now in life and I do. BUT- never have I seen it through the eyes of a server until today. Today was my thirds serving shift and I got, stiffed on a check of $48.00, tipped $2 on a $80.00 check and all of my tables were needy.

Y'all know I like etiquette so here it comes:

If you are going out to eat...
* Make sure you can afford the tip
* Make sure you are polite
* Know that your server is serving because they need money
* If you have a problem with your server to not lash out- ask for the manager
* ALWAYS at least tip 15% unless they were a completely horrible server
* If you are going to go out and not tip at least 15% just don't come out it will affect your service if you come back in the future (servers look out for each other)

Sorry for the Rant- but all weekend I have been serving and have just seen a terrible side of people to where it makes my stomach sick.

I am going to catch up on Church videos

Have a blessed Sunday!


  1. When I became a cashier I realized a lot of the same things. I know it's different from serving but there's a lot of the same issues, mainly dealing with people. You just have to continue to smile and don't let it bother you. Things will get better and pretty soon it wont even phase you anymore.

    1. Yeah everyone at work says soon I'll be numb to the rudeness!