Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Excitement For the Future (A Rare Occasion for Me)

Lately I have been so excited about the future and in such a better mood. There are some exciting and big things coming up in my life and some other things I am hoping come soon enough. This is such a blessing for me because usually I am always worried. But, as of now I am content and excited just about life:

* My baptism ( I am getting baptized for the very first time on Easter!) I love my church Ignite and am so happy to have Pastor Jason baptize me. 

* Charley is getting neutered this Friday! I am very nervous for him but I am praying that everything goes well:
* Spring Break: Yes I am only going home for 4 days of Spring Break but then I am coming back to Greenville to work- A LOT! This does not sound exciting but it is relaxing to me. When I go home I have so many people to see and visit so it is a lot of driving and with a puppy that is overwhelming.

*GRADUATION! I graduate from ECU if I pass everything December 20120- I am so excited to start looking for a home in either Richmond or VA so I can be closer to my family and to start building a life with Sam outside of East Carolina.

*Lately I am so excited about him- he makes me so happy and feel so confident and pretty 24/7. I know sometimes I am not the best girlfriend but I truly have been stepping outside of my comfort zone to figure out how to be the best girlfriend and the bible has truly helped me. I love you Sam so much!*

Have a amazing Wednesday! 


  1. you're getting baptized! YAY! such a great symbol of your dedication to living your life for Christ! so proud of you girl!

  2. awww so many good things going on in your life!

  3. aww you are too cute! glad to see things are heading in a good direction for you :)