Monday, February 20, 2012

Why I am so glad I chose a bible study

via pinterest

Hello Everyone- Good Morning!

I am just having a great early start to my Tuesday! Last night I had bible study with my girls I usually have it with and it was awesome. I really love connecting with people through the bible and prayer and it's so cleansing for me and just sets my week right. I love all of the spiritual quotes on Pinterest. I need to start pinning more I just don't honestly find it that important I think it's just fun to look at and get recipes and Ideas. The web is infinite on ideas so I find it too overwhelming to pin everyday! I am praying hardcore for my mom this week because she has been super stressed and in a financial burden. I hope you all have an awesome day!




  1. Hey girl responding to the comment you left on my blog:
    1. Heaven is For Real
    2. Redeeming Love
    3. Crazy Love

  2. That quote is really amazing, and really toucing. So true. Thanks for sharing, made me appreciate today a lot more than I did earlier!