Sunday, January 8, 2012

All About my NYE and the Resolutions!

As for NYE me, my brother, my best friend Brittney and my boyfriend, Sam went to a bar party in Richmond, VA called the Baja Bean. It was truly a blast! Probably the most memorable NYE I have had in a while. Below are some pictures:
 My girls!
I will eventually rotate this!!! ( I am running late to the VETs office for Charley's Rabies shot! :(

 The puppy named Gus that was at the apartment we pregamed at for NYE.
 Charley lost his 2 front teeth!!!

Now for the RESOLUTIONS!

  1. No More Cussing (it is not professional, lady-like, cute, attractive, intelligent etc. )
  2. Work out atleast 4 times a week (last year it was 3) I am upping it a little!
  3. Do NOT eat out more than once a week (this nasty habit of mine has been killing not only my WAIST line buuut ALSO my BANK ACCOUNT -$
  4. Save Some of my Student Loans and Grants for the Summer BAHAMAS trip with my family and bf Sammy!
  5. Stay optimistic and lose 10 pounds! :D

What are y'all's resolutions?

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