Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Naughty Saturday Purchase!

SO this recent purchase aka attack of my bank account has been online shopping for shoes..and I stumbled upon Target...oh lord. But I got 4 pairs of shoes for just 83 $ including shipping & tax...HOW you might ask? Well let me tell you what I noticed: First off I am going to give you a little secret ALWAYS check websites banners to see shipping codes and deals. Target was fortunately having a deal where if you spent at least 75 dollars on clothes free 20% off and if you spend at least 50 dollars FREE shipping! I got so lucky because most of my shoes were on sale! Here are the shoes and prices as well as the links! Tell me what you think or if you have any awesome sale stories! :D 

These cute platform sandals you can get here for about $16 :D

These sexy and sophisticated Leopard platform pumps for just $29.99 :D

This chunky heel pump in a Coral color $29.99 :D

These adorable teal flats for only $19.99  :D

Tell me how you think I did? haha!


  1. omg i bought those nude heels last week!

  2. 1. My bridesmaids wore the first pair in black at my wedding!

    2. I LOVE the turquoise loafers!

    3. I got a button :) Go grab one!

    4. Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. oh my!!! How cute are these shoes!!!

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  4. hey girl! i re-did my button, if you wanna head to my page to swap it out with the old one :)