Monday, January 16, 2012

I was TAGGED!!!

Hey! So I was officially tagged by the beautiful Carolina Queen! 
Here is how tagging works:
If you are tagged you must {State 11 facts about yourself and answer the questions the person who tagged you in the post. You must also tag another 11 people and let them know you did it with another set of questions...ENJOY!

11 Facts about ME:
  1. I wear glasses but only to DRIVE at night and at LECTURES 
  2. I would love to be married by 25 and if I had kids to start at 28! Those ages seem so perfect to me!
  3. I am turning 21in {24} days!!! YAY!!!! I will be drinking RUM!
  4. I just purchased a MAC for the first time EVER! :) 
  5. My middle name is Lynn and it's my mom's as well.
  6. I am absolutely in love with Mexican food! It is so YUM!
  7. I always wear two rings {a David Yurman one from my mom & a Citrine and Diamond stone one from Sam} I feel so weird without them.
  8. I get really annoyed with ungrateful people and naggy Host at house get togethers 
  9. I just recently high-lighted my hair! I now feel like I do not have to tan so much.
  10. When it rains I get very sad for some reason or I get unmotivated!
  11. FINALLY- my favorite color is yellow but it's sometimes awkward to wear in the winter.
Carolina Queen's Questions to ME:
  1.  Are you a PC or Mac person? BOTH I have had both and so far they both have been pretty good for me!
  2. If you are at a bar what drink do you usually order? Panty droppers & rum and coke! :D 
  3. What color is your nails right now? A shade of pink from the OPI Sephora collection- so girly.
  4. What are your top 3 beauty products? My Argan oil for the hair, Urban Decay eye shadow primer and Loreal felt tip eye liner.
  5. What do you usually eat for lunch? Either left overs or I'll make a lean cuisine.
  6. Heels or flats? HEELS- :D I absolutely adore heels I have over 20 pairs and cherish each one. I am a shoe freak. I might be tall to some girls but it doesn't stop me I'm almost 5'7 and my bf is 6'4 so it doesn't matter!
  7. Are you a coffee drinker? If so, what's your favorite? Yes I am  I have a Keurig and my favorite flavor is the Donut shop ones! It taste like the Dunkin Donuts coffee. 
  8. Is there a fashion trend you wish you could pull off? Oh yeah- I wish I could pull off the cute biker booties but I do not think I am edgy enough for it.
  9. What is the first thing you notice about people? I first notice if they are cocky or not- if someone is really cocky it truly bothers me and I cannot stand to be near them.
  10. Why were you given your name? (Family name?) I was given the name Samantha by my mom who claimed the prettiest girl in high school who had anorexia was named Samantha and my mom promised her she would name her first daughter after her {my mom was pregnant in high school }
  11. Why did you start blogging? I started blogging because I saw my friend Jackie blogging and thought it seemed so much fun and I had a lot of ideas and thought I could help someone else out!

MY (11) Questions to who I tag:

1. What is your favorite brand of perfume?
2. What is your favorite online shopping website?
3. What three things can you not leave the house without?
4. What is one thing you wish you had right now?
5. Do you believe in any kind of faith? If so what?
6. Do you have a dog if so what kind?
7. What is your dream career if you have it what is it?
8. What is your favorite meal you can cook?
9. What is your favorite magazine?
10. What is your biggest fear?
11. What is the best diet you have ever tried?

People who I tagged: 

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Jenna  @ Eat Drink Pretty 
Brynn @ Being Brynn
Valerie @ Along the way with V & J
Allie @ Conquering the World One Rhinestone at A Time.

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  1. I LOVE the donut shop Keurig pods--they're my favorite, too!