Monday, January 9, 2012

The GUIDE to the PERFECT false lashes! (FINALLY)

Ladies listen up-

I have been practicing false lashes all year long and I have finally found the best brand, best technique and best eyeliner to cover that embarrassing false lash fringe!

This kit is perfect ( This is not the length I chose- but I do think everyone would look good in their own judgement of length for their eye size and shape) The glue is awesome (does not tear out lashes, gets tacky after a quick blow and is easily covered up with a liquid eyeliner). The Applicator utensil is also good for someone with shaky hands or long nails!
This beaut. is the best liquid eye liner I have ever used for covering the FALSE eye lash LINE. It does not come off with tears (a long night) ahah! But it does come off easily with a face wash! It is called 24/7  by Urban Decay.

TheBestTechnique (In pics): 


If you reuse the lashes like I do the best way to do it- use a make up remover and a q tip to gently get the glue and eyeliner off!

put a thin layer of the eyelash glue on the false lash and blow on it to get the glue 'tacky'

see...messy and pretty fake looking!

Take the eye liner to cover up the glur and false look a liquid eye liner works best and is easy to clean up 

 stillllll messy!
you can see the difference already!

me playin' around!


SAUCY ahah!

another view- then I add eye shadow to make the look complete and natural!


I used the color COBRA from the URBAN decay palette

Charley supporting mama!

My saucy eye lash and Charley!

Kisses! MUAH!

Ask me if you have any questions...or problems!


  1. looking forward to seeing your tutorial. i have always have problems with fake eyelashes, i hope you have some great techniques that make the fakes look natural :-)

    1. I have posted the tutorial on the false lashes! Xo

  2. I am working on it after the gym tonight! ahah! I do not want to be at the gym all foxy!!!!

  3. Loooved this post! I've been so busy - I can't believe I missed it. Pleaaaaaaaase do a makeup tutorial for eye shadow & liner next!!! :]

    1. I am doing brows next week!!! :D hehe Thanks biggie<3 teach me how to make a button pwease xoxoxo