Thursday, January 26, 2012

Whats Important to me: Etiquette

My mom raised me with extreme etiquette rules more than just saying excuse me, bless you, thank you, etc. But how to reciprocate, extend welcomes, thank you notes, host a guest in a your home, how to be a guest, how to be a listener, how to give gifts etc. I sometimes wonder where did it all go- a lot of people I know do not practice etiquette and it's highly frustrating to me. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people do not reciprocate. Anyways I just know that a lot of my followers are from the South so they would appreciate this website I am posting. It's called Emily's Post Etiquette Daily. It has all kinds of tips to know what to do in certain uncomfortable situations or the POLITE OR the correct etiquette. Sometimes I don't know the right way to handle awkward business situations so I always use this site. ;D 

(this is a cute way for a couple to say thanks for their wedding gifts!)


"Never be angered or hurt by someone not accepting your kindness at least the seed was planted"
- quote from my mom 




  1. Will definitely check that out! Thanks for sharing, girl!

  2. I love your moms quote!! It's amazing and very true. I've always wanted to read Emily Post's books. I'm big on etiquette as well and believe all ladies should have manners and class. Thanks for sharing this website <3

  3. thanks for sharing pretty! also, make sure you check out how to get an extra entry to my giveaway ;)

  4. Hi, I stumbled across your blog through 'And They Lived Happily Ever After..." and this post struck a cord because I feel the same way about etiquette. I have been getting frustrated lately with the lack of politeness from society. Some times it angers me and some times makes me really sad. Anyhow, I wanted to tell you that I really like your Moms quote and I need to remember that when I feel myself getting frustrated because I don't want to get sucked into the rest of the impolite society. :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. awh thanks for reading- yes I cannot stand when people do not reciprocate or are awkward/rude host. :D My mom is a brilliant woman. Have great day XOXO